Ross Iv Engineering

About us

"Ross Iv Engineering" Ltd was founded in 2006. The company started with the production of polyurethane products for the mining industry- replacable coatings for hydrocyclones, rotors and stators for flotation machines, screen surfaces and others. The polyurethane machine which is available at our premises is unique for Bulgaria. It has the ability of pouring and spraying polyurethanes. This allows us to coat details with unlimited dimensions and to manufacture details in various shapes. 

Over time our production has expanded through investment in many machines, designed for the processing of metals:

  • CNC gas-plasma cutting machine for:

    -  Metal sheets with dimensions of 3000mm X 6000mm X 250mm (Width X Length X Thickness).

    - Pipes with a diameter of up to 300mm, allowing the cutting of tees at any angle.

  • CNC 4-roll bending machine which allows the bending of cylinders and cones with steel thickness up to 15mm.

  • Electromechanical 3-roll bending machine which allows the bending of cylinders and cones with steel thickness up to 2mm.

  • CNC hydraulic abkant press for bending of various metal profiles with thickness up to 15mm.

  • Lathes and milling machines.

  • Welding machines for ferrous and non- ferrous metals (Argon).

  • Sand blaster for blasting of metal structures.

  • Application of high-quality two-component epoxy based coatings (paints) with an airless painting machine.

The technological process developed by our company allows us to:

  • Produce quality products according to customer drawings, models and requirements.

  • Design and construct industrial products made of metal and polyurethane.

  • Transport, installation and commissioning of the products at customers location.

Our production base and the experience gained over the years enable us to close our entire production cycle (Design, manufacturing, supply and installation).
The quality of our products is our primary goal. In 2016, the company received a certificate of quality according to ISO 9001: 2015.
"Ross Iv Engineering" Ltd. is a partner and official distributor for the region Srednogorie of:

  • Linde Gas Bulgaria Ltd. - all kinds of gases for welding and cutting of metals.

  • Hardox® Wearparts - high-quality, abrasion resistant steels.

  • Motul - high-quality motor oils and industrial greases.